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The time consuming bit; VFX & SFX

Here’s a couple of rough vfx shots from the bombing raid. They need a few adjustments before they’re done, but it’s been really satisfying adding all the layers of flame, the debris, the orange glow (and my personal favourite; the photoshop’d re-enforced concrete damage). A good friend of mine - Ian Naylor - is working on the low flying 3D fighter-bombers to comp in to the final shots.

I never thought this film would have the potential to look as good as this. Now, whenever I’m working on it, I think how just a little bit more effort here and there could improve it. I just can’t put this down till it’s all polished up and as good as I can make it. Shooting took 2 days and editing the film was just several days, but it’s the visual effects and sound effects that are really eating up my time. Some of these vfx shots use dozens of layered up HD video elements to create this sort of action; that really slows my system down. As for the sound - every breath, every footstep, every sound has to be added in post from stock or foley… only Ben’s dialogue was recorded on location.

I make videos for a living but now I finally feel I can call myself a filmmaker!  I love it all… I get such a buzz from shooting it but even now in the long haul of post production it’s a thrill; from tweaking a bit of falling debris to recording the noise of a few planks dropping - every little detail enriching it’s depth and realism.

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